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Press release 15.8.2019


Amos Rex and the Stina Krook Foundation invite you to experience an unconventional culture of dialogue. Muse Conversations, arranged for the first time in Finland, bring together people from different genders, generations and perspectives through a new way of having a conversation. The concept has been developed by Theodore Zeldin, who will be present at Amos Rex on September 13th at 1 pm. A discussion for high school students will be arranged on Monday, September 16th, along with two other free discussion events open for everyone. Registration is open from August 14th to September 1st on the Amos Rex website.


Over the last 30 years, renowned philosopher, historian and writer, Theodore Zeldin, has been experimenting and developing a new way of conversing that enables people to exchange their experiences and aspirations to improve mutual understanding and trust. The result is a fascinating encounter and a memorable experience that will revolutionise the worlds of those attending – at least for a moment.


Over 12,000 people in 20 countries have attended Muse Conversations around the world. The Muse Conversations bring total strangers or mere acquaintances together, in pairs, for a conversation that transcends small talk. Both are given a Menu of Conversation with questions that guide and structure their discussion. By working through the menu, they will both reflect on the details of their lives, speculate on their personal experiences and gain a deeper understanding of one another.


The conversation is an encounter of minds shaped by different memories and habits. Exchanging opinions alters facts and thoughts. The discussion introduces an element of surprise while providing the participants with new tools. We need conversation more than ever before – it has become critically urgent,” says Theodore Zeldin.


The Stina Krook Foundation wants to support and inspire people to build mutual trust through art. Muse Conversations works, at its best, as a powerful and empowering instigator of change. The objective is to widen and expand the views of those attending and increase the feeling of empathy towards each other,” states Susanne Homén-Lindberg, Chair of the foundation’s board.


“Amos Rex is not only an art museum, is a place for events. The unique facilities of Bio Rex, the cinema hall and lobby provide an excellent setting for different people to encounter each other. It is important that people share experiences together, grow and face unforgettable moments. Muse Conversations is only one of many aspects the museum and its operations have to offer people,” says Programme Director Kaj Martin.


Partners of Muse Conversations: Theodore Zeldin & Oxford Muse, MiklagardArts, Stina Krook Foundation and Amos Rex.


Meeting Theodore Zeldin
September 13th at 1-2 pm
Bio Rex, Amos Rex


One of the forty people in the world with thoughts that carry permanent value in the new millennium.”
The Independent


Join Theodore Zeldin as he discusses how a new kind of conversation can create a deeper understanding between two people and inspire ambitions for work, for art and for private life. Theodore Zeldin CBE is an Oxford University historian, philosopher and author. He has been a pioneer in revealing how relationships and emotions such as love, fear, loneliness, friendship and ambition have evolved in different civilisations over the centuries, and most importantly, how they can be changed again today through a new kind of conversation that creates trust between strangers, new ways of working that avoid boredom and new attitudes to rebellious youth and forsaken old age.


The event is free of charge and open for everyone. The press has an opportunity to meet and interview Zeldin at the event.


Muse Conversations September 16th
Bio Rex, Amos Rex


10–11 am e event for high school students, through school engagement
1–3 pm open for everyone, free entry, advance registration
7–9 pm open for everyone, free entry, advance registration

Registration is open August 14th – September 1st: amosrex.fi/en/events/muse-conversations


The Muse Conversations events are held in Finnish, Swedish and English.


The event is a part of the Stina Krook Foundation’s jubilee year.