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Stina Krook Foundation awards 212,000€ in grant funding to support visual and performing arts in Finland

The Stina Krook Foundation has presented 212,000€ in funding to support and promote visual and performing arts in Finland, with a particular focus on the Swedish-language community. This year’s discretionary award for visual arts was presented to Jan-Olof Mallander and the discretionary award for performing arts to Asko Sarkola. The value of the discretionary award is 16,000€. In addition to the discretionary award, the foundation has awarded grants to 12 leading Finnish artists and two groups; DuvTeatern and Lurens summer theatre. In response to the challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic, the foundation has this year decided to award an additional 52,000€ to support artists at this difficult time.


The Stina Krook Foundation supports and promotes Finland’s visual and performing arts sectors by awarding annual grants and prizes with a particular focus on the Swedish-language community. This autumn, the foundation has given out a total of 16 grants totalling 160,000€.


“By awarding these grants, we want to offer our support to both young and emerging artists at an early stage in their careers and more established artists in their long-term creative endeavours. We primarily present grants to individual practitioners, but they can also be made available to ensembles and cultural institutions. The foundation’s board selects the recipients on the basis of expert recommendations, and there is no application process,” explains Susanne Homén-Lindberg, Chair of the Stina Krook Foundation Board.


“This year, we have opted to award an additional 52,000€ to support artists affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We have done this to allow our chosen artists to continue to pursue their careers but also to give people who have been forced to shield during the pandemic opportunities for enjoying arts and culture. This funding is designed to allow artists to visit nurseries, schools and care homes in the Swedish-language community in a safe and carefully managed way,” she adds.


The total value of the funding awarded this year is 212,000€.


A complete list of grant recipients is presented here.

Award winners and board members at the award ceremony.