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Stina Krook 100 years

In 2019, the Stina Krook Foundation celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of its founder, Stina Krook. As a part of the anniversary year, the Foundation and Amos Rex bring the world-renowned Muse Conversations to Nordic countries for the first time and introduces a new collaboration, Portfolio Residency programme, with The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark.


Theodore Zeldin’s Muse Conversations


Amos Rex Museum and Stina Krook Foundation invites public to three open events to experience the unconventional culture of dialogue, developed by Theodore Zeldin – the renowned Oxford University philosopher, historian and author. The events take place September 16th.

Photo: Salvo Toscano, Courtesy Reading on Thames Festival, 2018

The Muse Conversations bring total strangers or mere acquaintances together, in pairs, for a conversation that transcends small talk. Both are given a Menu of Conversation with specific questions that guide and structure their discussion. By working through a menu of different questions, they will both reflect on the details of their lives, speculate on their personal experiences and gain a deeper understanding of one another. The encounter will be captivating and memorable; it will change their world, even if just for a short while.


Muse Conversations was held at Amos Rex 19.9.2019. Executive Producer of the event was MiklagårdArts


Portfolio Residency programme for emerging visual artists 2019-2020


The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark and The Stina Krook Foundation launch a new, 1-week, residency programme with focus on the visual artists’ portfolios.


The purpose of PortRe is to give the emerging Finnish, or Finland-based, visual artists an opportunity to go to Copenhagen and present their portfolios to a number of established actors on the Danish cultural field. The portfolio can be presented to, for example, gallerists, art critics, curators, collectors or other art professionals to commence a constructive conversation around the artist’s portfolio. The portfolio is an important and necessary tool for visual artists, yet the artists rarely have a possibility to discuss the portfolio with the people evaluating them. The aim of the programme is to provide this possibility for emerging artists in an early stage of their career, as a unique opportunity for development and rewarding dialogue between artists and art professionals.


PortRe is a residency program by invitation only and welcomes two artists a year for a duration of one week each. The first two artists selected to the program in 2019 are Maisa Majakka and Sixten Sandra Österberg.


More information: Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark