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Discretionary awards and grants 2019

The Stina Krook Foundation supports and promotes the visual and performing arts with annual grants, with special regard for the Swedish-language community in Finland. With the grants the foundation wants to support artists in the early stages of their career as well as contribute to the long-term work of established artists. In 2019 the Foundation presents eleven grants and three discretionary awards.


Discretionary awards 2019
Ralf Långbacka
Paul Osipow
Rafael Wardi


Visual arts grants 2019
Gun Holmström
Mikael Pohjola
Emilia Tanner


Performing arts grants 2019
Elmer Bäck
Lina Ekblad
Johannes Ekholm
Julia Korander
Dennis Nylund
Monica Nyman
Jennie Storbacka
Pekka Strang